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Beebe Cove Vista

Recreational Opportunities


bird and wildlife viewing

shorebirds and migrant songbirds


art opportunities

photography, painting, drawing


Donated by the Frederic and Robert Anderson Families in September 2017, Beebe Cove Vista offers scenic views of Beebe Cove from a half acre of land composed of four small parcels along the shoreline on the east side of Elm Street in Noank. Though two parcels along the stretch are privately owned, there is access to these grassy areas from the sidewalk. A small marsh hosts great egrets and other wading birds, while diving and dabbling ducks and migratory waterfowl can be seen offshore.The property is contiguous to Avalonia Land Conservancy’s 3.5 acres Anderson Marsh on the west side of Elm Street (Route 215) and just north of the Brook Street intersection in Noank.

About a mile walk or drive to Haley Farm.

Trail Map

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Directions & Parking

Contact us at [email protected] for tours or directions.