A Hidden Gem in the Center of Groton Added to GOSA’s Family of Properties

The purchase of Walt’s Walls & Woods on July 30th, a 5.7 acre parcel located at 0 Drozdyk Drive, was facilitated by a generous donation from an anonymous longtime member and supporter  of GOSA. Walter Watrous built the signature stone walls and gardens over many years featuring spring-blooming weeping charry trees, rhododendrons, azaleas, creeping phlox, heathers and purple coneflowers. This property serves to protect Baker Cove watershed, a waterway impaired by bacterial contamination, and is surrounded by town-owned open space on two sides and protected wetlands on three sides. Boundary markers, signage, and trails to come hopefully making this stunning property a place of rest and respite for those living and working in the area. We hope you come to appreciate and love the beauty this property has to offer and enjoy it as much as we do!

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Story about Alice

“Alice is 11. We have known her parents since before she was born.  She and her Mom came over this afternoon, July 27, 2021. Her mom, Lisa, handed me a large heavy bag of coins ($48) collected by Alice’s Jr youth group. A friend walking by heard me read this letter and clapped with nodding head as well. What a delight!!” – Sidney

The JFEC is the Jewish Federation of Eastern Ct. Junior Youth Group made up of about 10 children between the ages of 10 to 14. They usually meet once a month for outside activities, but during COVID19 it was weekly by Zoom. Their last fun gathering was at the home of their leader who said “Alice asked everyone to make a donation for GOSA”.

Unfortunately Alice and her parents are relocating to Santa Cruz, California, leaving the first week of August.

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