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Tribute to Jim Anderson, 1950-2022, Long-serving GOSA board member

James Brent Anderson, PhD., passed away from a long-term respiratory condition on May 13, 2022. He is survived by his wife Carol Anderson. He served as a GOSA board member from 2012-2022.

A man of many talents

Jim was GOSA’s self-appointed meteorologist, predicting weather and storms more correctly than not, using his infamous “European model.”  When he wasn’t serving GOSA, predicting weather, playing bridge, golf or visiting his favorite Seahorse hangout, he also served on the Connecticut Landmarks board doing good deeds protecting historic buildings. 

“Bittersweet Jim”

Jim first joined GOSA in 2010 moving his crusade against the invasive bittersweet vine from his home to GOSA’s newly-acquired Sheep Farm and later to Avery Farm. He earned the moniker “Bittersweet Jim” not only for his tenacity, but also for his creative bittersweet cordwood sculptures and decorative slabs. His golf swing later became infamous cutting down yet another invasive plant, Japanese knotweed.

Stewardship Chair

Jim formally organized the stewardship committee for the fledgling GOSA land trust. He oversaw management and reporting requirements for a $100,000 combined GOSA, federal and state project to restore the New England Cottontail habitat at Avery Farm and Candlewood Ridge. Seeing a need, he purchased his own substantial pick-up truck to support GOSA’s stewardship work. He initiated the acquisition of power tools and mowers, arranged for chain saw safety courses and acquired safety equipment. He finally had to acquire a storage trailer for GOSA, when his own garage overflowed its capacity with GOSA inventory.

“It has been a good run” Jim said as we reviewed our work together a few days before he died. We will miss you, Jim. Rest in peace. Your legacy and memory will live on.

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