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Sheep Farm South Fundraiser

This is the Public Kick-Off of our fundraising efforts for our newest acquisition, Sheep Farm South!

The need for, and importance of, Open Spaces has never been more clear than in these past few weeks.
We hope you have been able to take advantage of all the open space our region offers, especially in times like this!

You can help GOSA add an additional 104 acres to the 63 acre Sheep Farm, forming 167-acres of land and trails, which will connect to The Merritt Family Forrest, Haley Farm and Bluff Point… a north- south greenbelt for people and habitat!

We hope that you will join us in our efforts to raise funds for the purchase of this property.
Please donate today!
Looking for an activity?
On Earth Day, or any other day during Earth Month, take a walk, send a photo of the outdoor space you chose to us to [email protected], or on Facebook, then make your donation in support of the purchase of Sheep Farm South!

All donations made will go toward the purchase of the Sheep Farm South!

Be sure to check out the “Take a Hike” page to learn about all of GOSA’s trails to plan your next outing.

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