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Notes from Earth Day: Middle School

While Johnny Kelley and FHS were involved with Earth Day, so were the younger versions of the new environmentalists!

“I attended what was then Robert E. Fitch Junior High School (later to become Fitch Middle School) as a 7th, 8th, and 9th grader between the fall of 1970 and graduation in Spring of 1973. The 60’s and early 70’s were a time of greater consciousness as the world began to look at it’s surroundings with new awareness.

My attention as a 12-14 year old was particularly drawn to nature partly due to living in what was then a rural area of the town in close proximity to the ocean, and partly to the attention being given to the effects of pollution on our environment by the media.  I found these reports particularly distressing and, therefore, was glad of the opportunity to participate in the just-forming “Ecology Club.”  It was a small group of students and our primary job was to brake down glass soda bottles and jars dropped off by town residents.  We would go outside during our free period and load the glass into a metal drum fitted with a lid through which a hole had been drilled in order to accommodate a “masher” like a straw through a soft drink lid.  Once the glass was broken down it was combined with glass from other recycling efforts within the town and I believe was taken to a state recycling center.  It was a small contribution but we felt as if we were doing our part to contribute to the movement!”

Thanks to MG for sharing these recollections of an important time in Groton!

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