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GOSA Begins New Partnership with Groton Public Schools (GPS)

In keeping with GOSA’s goal “to educate and foster an appreciation of nature,” our Community Outreach and Education Committee recently approached Susan Austin, Superintendent of GPS, with an offer to partner with the schools to enhance student learning by incorporating outdoor experiences. The benefits of time spent in nature are abundant and well-documented. Our offer was enthusiastically received. A committee of GPS staff and GOSA volunteers started meeting regularly to plan outdoor events.

Recently in January, approximately 72 3 rd grade students and staff from Northeast Academy, as well as numerous parent chaperones, met with GOSA volunteers at the Candlewood Ridge sand plain for a morning hike. Each of the four classes were assigned a hike lead who provided information about trail safety and educated them on how to follow a blazed trail. Maps along the route reinforced their trail navigation. Each group hiked either the red loop trail or the blue trail to the marsh and beaver dam. The sounds of children laughing and enjoying the great outdoors was joyful!

Our thanks to Northeast Academy staff, students, and parents for making this day such a happy success!

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