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Environmental Defense Fund Members join Groton Open Space Association for a Hike at Bluff Point

On Thursday, May 18th, GOSA graciously hosted 100 members of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) for a hike at Bluff Point. The hike was the finishing touch on their 2-day event held at Mohegan Sun.

EDF is a global nonprofit organization tackling climate change through bold, game-changing solutions that put people at the center of all they do. An anonymous donor generously sponsored the event to bring 1000 members worldwide together to make connections and discuss issues, strategies, and future plans. During the event, members were provided with opportunities to participate in several local activities such as a visit to Mystic Seaport and a hike with GOSA at Bluff Point.

The EDF members who participated in the hike with GOSA volunteers were thrilled to be outdoors in such a beautiful setting on such a nice day. They enjoyed hearing Sidney Van Zandt, current Vice President and founder of GOSA, talk about the history of the property and the battle to preserve it from development. The large group hiked out to the southern end of the park and enjoyed walking on Bluff Point Beach and the views from the overlook at the bluff. The hike afforded everyone time for conversations and sharing about the effects of climate change around the world. Hikers hailed from various locations in the United States, Belgium, Germany, Spain, UK, China, Japan, and elsewhere across the globe. The positivity and friendliness of the group filled the air making the hike a big success. For GOSA volunteers, it was uplifting to see such a bright, passionate group working together to make our planet a better place.

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