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A Visit to the Haley Farm (and Its Results) by Walter Hill, 1898

Have you ever wondered how the stone walls at Haley Farm were built? Click here to read a delightful 1898 travel account written by Walter Hill, a friend of the Haley family visiting from New York City who “found himself in the heart of a historic as well as a picturesque country.” He was fascinated with both the stone-pullers of Haley Farm and the history of the surrounding area. His experience “converted” him to a new understanding of the character of New Englanders and the joys of living in the “Connecticut Wilderness” where the people chose to ignore “improvement” and remain “completely wedded to the past.”  Mr.Hill continued, “I am heartily in accord with the dwellers of Noank…for I would choose to end my days amid just such surroundings. ‘Far from the maddening [sic] crowd,’ for real rest, relaxation, and sea-shore enjoyments, it is about my personal ideal.”


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