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2022 Annual Appeal

Annual Appeal 

In 2021, GOSA got things done with your help! Your volunteer efforts and donations enabled GOSA to manage and maintain 5 existing properties and acquire 2 new ones:
• Sheep Farm South — 104-acres contiguous to the 63-acre Sheep Farm. This expansive property features Fort Hill Brook, which flows to Mumford Cove and Long Island Sound, geologic interest in Fort Hill ledge and glacial rock formations, a string of highly productive vernal pools, wildlife habitats, an oak hickory hardwood forest, Colonial and Native American historic sites, and scenic recreational trails.
• Walt’s Walls and Woods — 5.7-acres in the heart of Groton’s downtown area. This small gem of a property serves an important function in protecting wetlands, a stream, and Baker Cove from storm water runoff, and extends two existing town-owned open spaces. Meandering trails wind through a small forest, outlined by exquisite stonewalls and colorful hillside gardens for public enjoyment. Given the continued challenges we have faced this year, the silver lining is that we have sustained an increase in the number of visitors to our properties. We are deeply grateful to all of you who have supported GOSA’s work through these challenging times. Our efforts this year include:
• Twice weekly Stewardship work parties to mow grassy areas, maintain trails, construct bog bridges and post storm clean-up activities
• Collaboration with Mystic Garden Club to purchase and install native plants at our pollinator gardens
• Dip netting excursions to GOSA properties for Groton Parks and Rec summer camps staffed by GOSA volunteers
• Earth Day event at Haley Farm for invasive plant removal and clean-up activities, and additional Earth Month activities including roadside clean-ups along 3-4 miles of GOSA properties
• Hikes including Senior Hike sponsored by Groton Senior Center, and an archeological hike

The GOSA community continues to be our most valuable asset! Your 2022 membership and support from donations provide sound fiscal support, help sustain open spaces in our community, and assures successful protection of our waterways and open spaces. We hope you consider supporting GOSA in your yearly giving.

With gratitude from all of us,
GOSA Board of Directors

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