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Winter Stewardship at Groton Center Preserve

Groton Center Preserve Winter Stewardship

Work recently began on GOSA’s latest property acquisition, Groton Center Preserve (GCP), to enlarge the small parking area off Route 117 for accommodation of 6-8 cars. The hard-working volunteer crew also removed several decaying wooden bike ramps, cut Invasive vines which liberated numerous trees from the overgrowth, and removed a fallen tree across the trail to clear the way for hikers.

An official survey of the property will take place in the Spring, and once completed, boundaries and trails will be clearly marked, and a property sign installed. Please be aware that the trails on this property are NOT currently marked. Work on the property will be ongoing as weather permits.

Please note that the driveway into the GCP parking area is a shared right-of-way with our neighbors to the south and whose driveway exits onto the right-of-way. Parking for GCP hikers is on the left side of this right-of-way.

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