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Stewardship isn’t all fun and games…

Notes from our work crews: Great turnout on a perfect weather day for the second to last day in November! Eleven volunteers all showed up at the Sheep Farm at 1:00 to do a final mowing and fall cleanup.  After finishing up the Sheep Farm in about 35 minutes the team split up, with a few of us going to The Merritt Family Forest and the rest to Avery Farm Nature Preserve, North.  The Merritt was done by 2:00 and everybody reconvened at Avery Farm.  We had 4 mowers going, weed whackers, pole saws, hedge trimmers and everything was all cleaned up by 3:00.  All three sites are done for the rest of the fall and winter.

Finally, the remaining debris from a previous work party at BeBee Cove was loaded into the back of my truck and got it to the dump by 4:00.   Very, very productive day.  Remaining work will be cleaning up tree damage from the storms.  Apparently, according to scouts, there is massive damage in the far back of Avery Farm.  It’s possible that we could get a NCRS grant to clean it up and build habitat piles.

Almost all winter equipment prep is done. The the tires have been taken off of the storage trailer, the built in jack supports lowered, (this trailer was a high quality acquisition!) and we finished the job in less than 30 minutes.One volunteer suggested we might be able to qualify for the over 65 NASCAR pit crew test!  Stewardship love enthusiasm, but I think that might be a stretch…

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