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Sheep Farm South Acquisition

GOSA has signed a purchase and sale agreement to acquire a 104-acre parcel to be called Sheep Farm South. It is located within a densely populated area in central Groton, close to schools, bus routes and other services. This property abuts and will extend the special wildlife habitats, scenic trails and stream corridors of GOSA’s 63-acre original Sheep Farm. It will connect across Rte. 1 to GOSA’s 75-acre Merritt Family Forest and the 6-mile X-Town Trail.

We invite you to visit this special property on our upcoming tours, and we encourage you to join us in our fundraising efforts!

It takes time and money to save land. The purchase price is $1,000,000. Associated costs, closing costs and stewardship funding will require an additional $60,000.

The timeline for acquisition will extend from 2018 to 2021, followed by a commitment to sustain management as open space in perpetuity.

GOSA will need community support to raise matching funds to anticipated grant funding from the CT DEEP Open Space and Watershed Land Acquisition program.
We are an all-volunteer 501 (c) 3 conservation and land trust organization. We operate under a very low overhead, and will be able spend a high percentage of your contributions on mission programs.

Be one of the first to see the Sheep Farm South by joining us on the June 2nd CT Forest & Park hike!
Details on our events page and on Facebook

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