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Pitch Pines at the Sand Plains at Candlewood Ridge

On October 13, 2021, GOSA planted some 75+ pitch pine seedlings at an area known as the Sand Plains, part of GOSA’s Candlewood Ridge property. These seedlings of Pinus rigida were started by seed by GOSA botanist Whitney Adams.

Fifteen GOSA volunteers showed up that day armed with planning tools, marker poles, and water for the new arrivals. Although pitch pines are hardy once established, they needed some tender loving care for the first year. And this summer’s drought has been especially hard on the new trees. Several GOSA volunteers have been involved with watering the pines this summer. At this point it looks like about half of the plantings have held on.

These will be welcome additions to the more mature pitch pines already there. And just in case we need more Whitney has a few pine cones filled with hundreds of seeds.

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