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Building Bridges

What a great turn-out we had last week for our footbridge build and installation at the Sheep Farm! 13 volunteers helped to unload two pick-up trucks filled with lumber, nails, screws, power tools, rebar, sonotubes and concrete mix, and carried all of it about a quarter mile to the build site near the base of the waterfall. 
With Dan O. providing music, and Marie providing snacks and drinks, the party began!
Earlier in the week, in preparation for the build, the lumber was
cut to size and pre-drilled with holes as needed to make assembly of the bridge support as easy and efficient as possible. With that done, it was time to install the sonotubes and concrete, and set the framework into place. Only a few minor adjustments needed to be made to achieve perfection, and the surface planking was installed.
Ryan and Tom did a great job with that and, before you knew it, our bridge was completed!
What a wonderful effort put forth by some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet!
We’d especially like to thank our newest volunteers, Dan N. and Landon, for their hard work today, as well as to day hikers Zac, Rebecca and their pup who so willingly carried supplies down to us while on their hike through the Sheep Farm! If you see a GOSA work Party on a property, be sure someone will ask you, "Woodja?"
We appreciated your help!

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