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Sheep Farm South

Parking: Shoulder of Flanders Road
Facilities: none

Property Highlights

The Sheep Farm South has a diverse habitat including rocky outcroppings, glacial erratics, deep forest interior habitat, early successional forests, 12 wetland habitats, and a string of Tier 1 vernal pools.

A portion of the ancient Avalonia Shield on the Sheep Farm South features rocky outcroppings and the steep slopes of a glacial drumlin, Fort Hill. Glacial activity is also apparent on the scarred rock faces and in the form of large erratic boulders.

Class A stream Fort Hill Brook flows into Mumford Cove and Long Island Sound.

Native American and colonial-era roads, rock foundations and stonewalls. The blue trail on the property follows the “Old Road” used by natives and others as a way down to the brook from Fort Hill and used for hunting as the wild animals frequented this route to the water source.

The entire site provides upland habitat, critical to the survival of the vernal pool species from both sides of the property boundaries.

Recreational Opportunities


walking & hiking

level grassy area near the entrance and trails with varied levels of difficulty


bird and wildlife viewing

field, forest and wetland habitat, 75 species of birds known in the area


art opportunities

photography, painting, drawing


winter activites

snow shoeing, cross-country skiing




GOSA purchased Sheep Farm South, a 104-acre parcel, on April 21, 2021. It is located within a densely populated area in central Groton, close to schools, bus routes and other services, this property abuts, and will extend, the special wildlife habitats, scenic trails, and stream corridors of GOSA’s existing 63-acre Sheep Farm North property.

Sheep Farm South flows into Fort Hill Brook and Long Island Sound. Preservation of Sheep Farm South in its natural state will protect these waters from potential pollution and thermal impacts to vulnerable areas downstream.

Sheep Farm South is a keystone greenway property, linking the 63-acre Sheep Farm North to the 6-mile X-Town Trail and to contiguous protected lands beyond including GOSA’s The Merritt Family Forest, Groton’s Beebe Pond Park, Avalonia’s Town’s End, Groton’s Mortimer Wright Nature Preserve, and Connecticut’s Haley Farm State Park and Bluff Point State Park and Coastal Reserve.

Self-Guided Tour

Trail Map

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Directions & Parking

Entrance Flanders Rd, off Rt 1. Contact us at [email protected] for tours or directions.